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Monday, February 16, 2009

Shifted. http://bbreminisce.wordpress.com/

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Best way to make urself study?

put urself in the library surrounded with lots of people studying vigorously around u!

My brain is super loaded now.. =.=

JIAYOU!! study for test, prelim, exams watever..

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-XOXO@ 6:12 PM


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

31 Jan 09 - Sat

One whole day of fun with Baby! Took lots of photos~!

1st Stop- Sentosa Flowers at Imbiah & Palawan, Sentosa..

I'm super excited tat day cos i love flowers! they make me happy! =D

For those who missed this event, honestly.... very wasted!! nevertheless, they have this event every yr so cannot miss the next one!

On the bus there...

Looked at the map.. a very long route!!
Lots of inviting flowers alr! Loves~!

Flowers flowers + me and Baby.. hehe
Baby took pic with yellow marigold flowers! same as his hair color. lol

nice grass sculptures!

With baby~

Hello Mr hmm... seal? oh i dunnoe what is this called.. haha

Can u see? it's a huge turtle!

It's the Hawksbill Turtle!

I super like these photos! i have good photograher.. hehe

Lots of flowers! i just keep snapping! haha.

Some artwork from the Schools’ Gardening and Sculpture Display Competition. Talking about that creativity!

I HEART flowers~~

Someone is stalking me!

And Baby! haha

Birds Birds.. With lots of charms hanging around..

LOVE LOVE! We got this printed out! =)

Our Tent.. haha

In my own flowery world.. =)

Do i like i wanna pluck the flower? hehe

I have flowers on my head! haha

Nice rainbow! N pink flowers! =)

Swans~~ see.. i'm going to throw the bride's bouquet of flowers~ haha

Ooo i wanna have this in my garden!

With baby~

Hours of Scorching Sun + Beautiful Flowers+ Snapping of Photos+ Fun= Time to head to next stop!

2nd Stop: River Angbao!
Honestly.. nothing really interesting =x but i certainly enjoyed the food! hehe
We went in straight when it opens at 6pm! there was alr a big crowd!

Must take photos of 财神爷! Many people were picking up the lucky numbers that came from him! and there was literally a lottery booth there for u to buy on the spot! =.=

What we enjoyed most there. FOOD! haha. i like finger foods! hehe

Must take photos with our Tiger! =) Huat! lol

Baby, is this kuang yu's expression? lol

Terracotta Army. A chess game!

I managed to hit the improve in studies' bell at the wishing well!
hohoho.. Pray hard i pass my exam! =/

On the way back, all e lights were on alr.. so must take more photos! hehe

3rd Stop: Supperclub! Nice place!

ok.. i know my photo looks scary.. haha

We were sent to the bar while waiting for others to arrive..

Time up! "Secret Door at the wall" "Flipped" open!!

We were brought to our seats downstair.. isn;t this nice!

At our seats..

Cosy Cosy Cushioned seats~

Our 4-courses Meals excluding deserts~
Beef, Lamb, Salmon, Soup, Mocha Mousse and pineapple something.. haha.
I totally can't remember the name. The food wasn't awfully nice but special. =)
The soups came in Heineken's mugs.. haha.. Bottom up!

Have some white wine~~=)


Then late into the night??
The Place became.
A Club!
Packed with Ang Mos~~ haha..

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-XOXO@ 7:59 PM


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